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About Us

The Spice Hippies


We are Kellie and Alison aka....The Spice Hippies!

We are a woman owned business with a commercial kitchen in Houston, TX. We have been best friends for over 10 years, much of that time, working together in high end hospitality. One day, in the middle of a global pandemic, we had the brilliant idea to go into business together combining our best skill sets and The Spice Hippies was born!!


Kellie is the brain behind all of our flavor profiles and recipes and Alison makes magic behind a computer all day. We both benefit during the taste testing phase!


We take fresh, whole ingredients and dehydrate, grind and blend them into recipes unique to our brand. Every product you purchase from us has been tested in several different recipes before going to market to ensure versatility for many different palates and the highest quality taste.


From our Dry Spice Blends to our Infused Oils and Vinegars, you can feel confident purchasing our brand knowing that the finest ingredients and fussiest of foodies went into their creation. Our products will add full flavor to your favorite dishes without the guess work as we have done all the blending for you.


Try us out to add a kick to your favorite recipes, or use our products as a no fail method for trying something new!! The Spice Hippies turn every day cooks into At Home Chefs!